What does FML mean?

FML Meaning Online: FML Facebook, Instagram, etc. Meaning

What does FML Mean? FML meaning:

An example use of the slang acronym FML on fmylife.com.

What does FML mean? “Fuck My Life”

FML is an acronym that has existed on the internet for a long time. It is used online on various forums, message boards, email, text messages, instant messages, and on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. FML means “fuck my life”. It is often used mainly as a joke. Most people who use the acronym do not actually think that their lives suck. An example use of the slang FML would be posting a Facebook status saying “Just got my house robbed. The robbers shot my puppy and stole my television. FML!”. The FML hashtag is used a lot on Instagram and means the same thing – “fuck my life”. Instagram users that use the hashtag FML will often use it on photos that explain something bad happening like a flat tire, a broken cell phone or an expensive bill. What does FML mean on Facebook? FML on Facebook means “fuck my life”.

FML Meaning: Fuck My Life